SA National Government Big ICT Spenders

BMI-T offers a detailed report covering the big government ICT spenders, sizing and trends analysis for the South African

national government. This report complements our previous year’s ICT in Government Programme by providing ICT service providers with insight into new government trends, developments, big deals and ICT expenditure across hardware, software, services and communications. The research findings assist ICT service providers to maximise future performance in the government market.

Objectives of the report

This particular report focuses on the national government departments that have big ICT budgets and includes spending trends and big deals which are significantly impacting the socio-economic and political environment in the country. It looks at the effect that the economy is having on IT and telecommunications spend and the impact of the new infrastructure initiatives in the country.

ICT expenditure is provided for 2010 and is forecast for a five year period.

Research methodology

  • Personal and telephonic interviews with a selection of government departments and provinces are conducted in order to obtain in-depth insight into the latest trends, ICT spend and applications
  • Interviews with key ICT vendors and secondary research determines where they are active in the government sectors
  • Secondary research using a wide variety of resources, including international research, trade sources, government information and other published South Africa-specific research e.g. StatisticsSA
  • Extensive statistical analysis by BMI-T analysts and senior analysts
  • Models and forecasts of ICT expenditure for national and provincial government

National departments

  • The following 19 departments will be considered. Although they compromise only 50% of the 38 departments, they constitute close to 90% of the national government expenditure and 96% of the workforce.
Police Health
Defence and Military Veterans Trade and Industry
Correctional Services National Treasury
Justice and Constitutional Development Mineral Resources
Home Affairs Higher Education and Training
Parliament Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs
Water Affairs Basic Education
International Relations and Cooperation Social Development
Labour Transport
Statistics SA  

Key questions answered

  • What are the new important IT and telecommunications projects, major events or developments undertaken by the big ICT spenders in national government in the country?
  • Is a particular department or province going to be involved in a major IT and/or telecommunications development or upgrading exercise soon?
  • What are the top ICT priorities that stand out?
  • What is the ICT (hardware, software, services and communications) expenditure for the selected l national government departments?
  • What are the new ICT trends in government?
  • Are there any new ICT initiatives about to be undertaken by government?
  • What are the current big deals across government?


  • Report in PDF format

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