Research Methods

Business Interviews

BMI-T has extensive experience in conducting B2B interview with decision makers in companies of all sizes. Whether the needs it to approach small business owners, or C-level execs in large organizations, BMI-T is the ideal partner to assist you with hearing from your market.

Consumer Info

BMI-T is able to conduct both quantitative and qualitative with consumers in all parts of South Africa, and throughout the African continent. Whether your need is a fully representative sample of all South African consumers, or a targeted research project, we are able to conduct quality consumer research, with full respect to SAMRA's code of conduct and quality control procedures.

Focus Groups

If your need is to understand your customer or partners more deeply, and be able to get down to what keeps them awake at night, then qualitative research such as focus groups is likely to be your preferred choice of research methodology. BMI-T can conduct both business and consumer focus groups in all parts of South Africa, including participant recruitment, venue hire, research design and analysis.

Industry Interviews

The BMI-T network of Senior Analysts and Consultants are able to conduct high-level interviews with participants in your industry, whether they be customers, partner or even competitors.

Secondary Research

With the advent of the internet, the information available to organizations increases exponentially, and while the problem of information availability is reduced, finding credible and appropriate information has become increasingly difficult. BMI-T's Senior Analysts have extensive experience in conducting high-quality secondary research to assist your organisation with their information needs.