Published Publications

The BMI-T SA Connect Broadband Research Programme 2015

SA Connect is name given to the South African Government’s policy to drive greater access and usage of broadband services at affordable prices.

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South African IT Services Forecast

A recent BMI-TechKnowledge report showcased the market size and forecast for IT services in South Africa.

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The IMT Roadmap - paving the way for future telecommunications services

What is the IMT Roadmap and what does it mean for the South African telecommunications sector? BMI-TechKnowledge Director Tim Parle explains.

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Wi-Fi 2.0 Global and South African Market Impact

Wi-Fi was initially conceived as a wireless alternative for the modest office network.

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Western Cape Broadband Projects

From Enthusiasm to Claims from Nonparticipants

There is an old project management adage that a project entails six phases, which have been jocularly described as: