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Wi-Fi 2.0 in South Africa: a review

Wi-Fi was initially conceived as a wireless alternative for the modest office network.

Case Study

Western Cape Broadband Projects

From Enthusiasm to Claims from Nonparticipants

There is an old project management adage that a project entails six phases, which have been jocularly described as: 

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June Social Media in Review

We’ve taken to Twitter and LinkedIn with renewed vigour in the past month, using both to share our insights on current events affecting the ICT sector locally and internationally and engage with industry players and the media.

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Does cloud make rain?

With all the hype and attempts at defining what cloud is (and isn’t), and how big it is, one might be forgiven for letting out a stifled groan. It is much more than hype, though. While cloud uptake may be falling behind vendor expectations, it is taking the world – and South Africa – by stealth if not by storm.

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USO : A new tipping point?

In the Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell demonstrated how fines that are set too low create the wrong behaviour; only if they

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Coordinated ICT is effective ICT

Government is spending billions on ICT at national and provincial level, but in order to assure the most effective use of