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South African Connect Broadband Research Programme

SA Connect is name given to the South African Government’s policy to drive greater access and usage of broadband services at affordable prices.

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e-Education Research Programme

e-Education in South Africa is in crisis. ICT in education was mooted in the e-Education White Paper of 2004, but implementation has been patchy and fraught with problems.

Press Release

SA Connect: Two years on, where do we stand? A review by BMI-TechKnowledge

The 6th December 2015 will mark a full two years since the South African national broadband policy, dubbed SA Connect, was published.



A race is on to deploy fibre to the building (FTTB). BMI-T now has a mainstream BPO activity known as FibreSmart.

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Is an Open Access Wireless Network suitable for South Africa?

The idea of establishing a new open access wholesale-only wireless network (OAWN) has received significant attention in South Africa.